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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Golden Beach and THANK YOU

Looking towards Golden Beach and wondering how it got its name, I also wonder how it is that I've actually managed to post a photo each day for the past four years.

This is the one thousand four hundred and sixty-third photo posted on this site!  Doesn't time fly when one is having fun!

This seems like a pretty good time to pause and thank all those who visit and comment.  Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Bulcock Beach

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Seventy Plus said...

Congratulations from an ex Sunshine Coaster.

AL said...

This is one of my favourite views over the Glasshouse Mountains...great shot. Congrats on your posting over the years.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ha Ha ,,, it's an addiction. When do you reckon we are going to give up. I still have plenty of puff left in me.

Elaine coolowl said...

Your photos are much appreciated as are posts to the ANBees list ;-)

Unknown said...

Wonderful as always.

Congratulations. A photo each day for the past four years is UNBELIEVABLE.

I visit your blog since 2008. And I often wondered how you are able to post each day when you are on your way in Europe, on the boat. Your blog is a classicer. And I ALWAYS enjoyed your shots from this beautiful area.

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